Deer, Hog, Turkey and Duck

Oct  01 - nov 04

Archery Season for deer.

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hunt your heart away

At North Texas Hunting Outfitters, we know about the amazing connection that can occur when a hunter goes into the woods and enjoys the outdoors. Let us guide you in that amazing journey.



Semi-Guided Day Hunts

Mike Griffith ,  founder

  • Hunting for:
    • Deer
      • Doe and Spike - $200/animal
      • Trophy - Call for Prices
    • Hogs - $200/day unlimited amount
    • Turkey - $150/bird
    • Ducks - $150/day
  • Lodging - $50/night/occupant
  • Cleaning/Quartering - $50/animal


North Texas Hunting Outfitters

nov 12 - nov 27 and dec 03 - jan 29 

Duck season.

nov  05 - jan 01

Rifle season for deer.

it all started with one hunt

As a kid, Mike grew up in Oklahoma and spent most of his spare time in the woods. He knew this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and today North Texas Hunting Outfitters is devoted to giving our clients the same thrilling experience.

Call Mike to schedule at date to hunt!


hunting guide

Mike, your hunting guide, has been hunting for 35 years and managing this property for 6 years. He is there to guide you through a wonderful experience on your hunt.

Sept  10

Early Teal Season